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Mega Rafting

Trip on the Ayung River (Approximately 10 km of wild river)
Join our team for superb Whitewater Rafting Adventures on Ayung River, Experience a unique and unforgettable journey through winding gorges, luscious jungles and magnificent terraced rice field. Paddle through breathtaking waterfalls for unparalled fun on the river. We’ll continue read »


Puri Rafting

Puri Rafting offers its guests an exhilarating experience, get ready, wet, splash, paddle and join those with a sense of adventure for a thrilling river rafting challenge on the rolling rapids of Ayung River. Throughout your visit and quest for a fun filled excursion you will be accompanied by expert and experience professional guides who will assure continue read »


Sobek Rafting

As you carve through some of Bali’s most appealing landscape, the Ayung River provides a thrill that begins the moment you push of from the riverbanks. As you switch between Class I and II rapids, you will wind through deep valleys with cascading waterfalls and towering cliffs of prehistoric significance. On the more leisurely stretches through continue read »


Bakas Levi Rafting

Bakas levi rafting & Bakas Elephant Tour are products of Bakas Aneka Citra Wisata Tirta. The company is situated in Kawan Sub-village, Bakas Village, Banjarangkan District, Klungkung Regency. It was I Nyoman Levi Suwetha, born in Bakas Village, who established Bakas Levi Rafting in 1995. Bakas Levi rafting activities are centered in continue read »



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